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Daydreams from France
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12th-Jul-2017 12:00 am - Just in case...
Tenjo-chan, Ohno
...you've read my profile and think we could be friends, don't hesitate, drop a comment here and I'll be really happy to befriend you back (as long as your LJ is not empty) :)
This LJ is just a place where I put my irregular comments or thoughts, and as it is mainly personal and (believe me !) very common rambling, I just friend-lock all the posts, except some translations I'm trying to do in order to improve my Japanese abilities.

>>>>>>>>>>> See you !

Ginger Ame
Tenjo-chan, Ohno
Yesss !
It's on !



If you want a French translation, you can read it at say_oh_chan's LJ :

Appearance in ZIP this morning :

If someone is subbing this video, please let me know :)

I think I will be very nervous if I watch this drama, because I'm scared of Ohno-kun's over-acting :p

Anywat, we'll be able to get lovely photoshoots, and that's the candies for the eyes I'm longing for :D
And maybe an opening/ending by Arashi ?

See you !
12th-Jan-2016 10:26 pm - Ohno's new drama :)
Tenjo-chan, Ohno
Hello there !

On January 1st (what a great day for such news), I read in say_oh_chan's LJ that my dear fisherman is going to star in a new drama.
When I searched on Twitter, I came across these links :

So basically, Ohno-kun would star in a love comedy, his character being the heir of a ryokan.

But !
On Ohno-daily, I read that the title would be "Bakuretsu Teacher", and I couldn't grasp the link between a ryokan and a teacher...
So, after a few google-is-my-friend, I found this :

To make it short :
- the script of this drama is about a famous school downgraded to a third-rate school,
- in order to make it great again, two new employees are recruited : a lawyer (Haru-chan) and an incredible/dazzling teacher (Ohno-kun),
- the script writer is Bakarhythm,

- Bakuretsu can be translated by "exploding", but can also mean "hot, gorgeous" in certain circumstances.
- The most intriguing part, in my opinion, is that the article says that the 2 characters will literally "go on a spree of violence" to restore the high rate of their school ^^;

Edit :
I'm editing this entry according to
say_oh_chan's comment, because sh'es completely right ^_^
After checking, the "ryokan" drama is the only one officially announced on TV and by Ohno-kun himself. And it will be a love comedy.
For the other drama, Bakuretsu Teacher, no official statement has been given (even the title is not 100% sure).

As a conclusion, I hope there will be 2 dramas ;)
- the ryokan one
- and Bakuretsu Teacher or whatever-it-will-be-named !


PS : thanks
say_oh_chan !
11th-Dec-2015 01:16 pm - Do you know Stromae ?
First snow, countryside
If so, you might already know that his live concert is now online for free on the Vevo platform. It's official, and the quality is really good :)

If you don't know him, I would highly recommend to discover him ^_^ even though he sings in French.
Why ?
- He's good, incredibly good at live performance ;
- He's a master when it comes to mixing electronic and traditional instruments, video, lights...
- His lyrics are great, and he can speak many languages. The english lyrics are not fansubbed, they are his own version.
- His voice is very special, bass-tone and as I'm French, he makes me remember some 1970's singers (Brel and Brassens).
- He's a master at creating buzz though the Web, using it for increasing his popularity.

Link on YoutubeCollapse )

NB : he's not French, he's Belgian, and defines himself sometimes as "a bastard without roots". He grew up in Begium with his mother, and his father was killed during the Rwanda war.

As for me, one of his lattest songs, "Cancer" really sends me shivers along the spine, probably because of personal issues.

Anyway, if any of you gives this video a try, I would be happy to receive some feedbacks ^_^

See you (^_^)/
21st-Nov-2015 10:23 pm - B-DAY-5
Tenjo-chan, Ohno
Another official photo I bought in 2013 :)

And another pairing I enjoy a lot ^_^

JunToshi 4 ever
juntoshi popcorn_2.jpg

See you !
20th-Nov-2015 09:21 pm - B-Day-6
Tenjo-chan, Ohno
In France, we are still the 20th of November.
So in 6 days, it will be Ohno-kun's birthday !

I suppose that this official was already shared before, but I decided to scan it anyway. I bought it during my journey in Japan in February 2013.
Just one comment : Ohmiya rulez !
Nota : my scanner is far from being high quality, but well, it's not that bad, is it ?

See you !

Tenjo-chan, Ohno
Such scary news once again :(


I fear that Christmas time will be an odd period this year in France, because gatherings are currently forbidden. Usually, during this period, we have many open-air markets with people selling their regional specialities (food, wine, craft...) as Christmas presents.
On one hand, I hope people will attend such gatherings, because it would mean that we're not afraid of terrorists attacks.
On the other hands, I fear such attacks, because merry gatherings like these could be easy targets...

Here is a link to show you one of the most famous Christmas open air market in France : located in the East of our country, Strasbourg is a beautiful and lively city.

See you !

14th-Nov-2015 12:39 pm - Sadness
Tenjo-chan, Ohno
It's a difficult day here...

Washington Post

I'm scared, angry, but also incredibly sad.

And the only question is : WHY ?

I can start many sentences with " Because", but I still don't really understand.

Life is something priceless. Why terminate something nobody can replace ?

That's not some random thought : this same question keeps bothering me every time people die in such a manner, all around the world.

You can replace "Life" with "Environment" or "Animal species", my thoughts are the same on these topics.

Is it the wheel of fate that makes humans slowly but surely destroy themselves, and the Earth ?

Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ?
Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ?
Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ?
Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ?

7th-Apr-2015 08:18 am - Guess where ? :)
Tenjo-chan, Ohno

Himeji, under the rain !
But with a beautiful sakura blooming tree ^_^

See you (^_^)/

8th-Feb-2013 10:44 pm - Japan...
Tenjo-chan, Ohno
Due to some circumstances, I'm in Japan, with my fiancé ^_^

So I'll try to upload a few photos from here :)

First, I was in Kobe. Here are some photos of the port, which isn't really beautiful under daylight, but becomes magical by night :
Port 1
port 2

Have a nice day, dear LJ friends !

PS : niannarashi, I'm sorry I couldn't send a greeting card, January has been a bit chaotic ^^; So I'll send you something from here :) Gomennasai !
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