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Me, Myself and I

My favorite activity is, without any doubt, reading : newspapers, novels, comics,... whatever comes in my hands, I would say.

And well, since May'08, I guess I'm just another ordinary fangirl of Arashi ^_^

Like many others, I came to Arashi thanks to Matsujun, but not because of HanaDan. In fact, I got drawn to the fandom through the dramas "Kimi wa Petto" and "Gokusen". Then, when I discovered the whole band, Ohno-kun immediately won my preference. He's just so... well, difficult to qualify :o)
Funny, unpredictable, gifted in nearly everything he seems interested in, a peaceful and good natured guy...
<-- By the way, he's the guy playing with feathers on the photo on the left ^_^

And I love his answer when someone asked him why he was like this : he said he's been lucky to grow up in a family where everybody had a laugh every day.

What else ?
My entries are usually friends-locked, since I'm a very ordinary person. However the very few translations I made about Arashi are public.
If you really want to know everything about my whining personality, feel free to drop a comment on my first public post, and I'll be happy to befriend anybody who shares at least one of my interests and maintain an active LJ :)

Yoroshiku ne !


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